Big snow flakes coming down near liberty pole

February 2020: Big Flakes, Pre-Valentines, City Views & a Nod to Susan B.

It's Rochester - Of Course There's Snow!

We’ve been busy here at MetroPops: gathering and organizing a ton of information, building and tweaking the new site, and quietly testing out different functions of the system. All this work has kept us going because anyone who’s been in Rochester for some period of time knows that February is ultimately one of the coldest months of the year in Western NY; therefore, we’ve learned to just embrace it. We try to enjoy the weekends where the super big flakes fall over the city, and take in the beauty of the frigid weather. 

In this shot: The Sibley Building and The Liberty Pole in downtown Rochester

Pre-Valentine's at Red Fern

A reserved table at The Red Fern

We have to admit, we’re not ones for the massive Valentine’s gimmicky stuff that makes its way into commerical centers all across America, but we do like to take the opportunity to celebrate our city love with some Pre-Valentines celebrations before the actual day. 

In this shot: This year we celebrated at The Red Fern on Park Avenue and Oxford Street where we enjoyed a taste of some of our city’s best vegan dishes.

BIG City Views...

Overlooking downtown San Francisco

Stefanie and I (Jason) were lucky enough to steal away to San Francisco for a moment in early February where we could continue our work on MetroPops, grab take-out to keep the productivity levels up, and enjoy an overlook of the city in the 24 hours we were there. Plus it was 64 degrees and sunny for the afternoon.

...and The Little

An inside look at the main theatre at The Little

The Little Theatre of course! Right before Valentine’s Day MetroPops got a peek into The Little’s main theatre on East Avenue before celebrating its re-opening after a year-long renovation to its lobby, kitchen, and art-deco-styled facilities. Learn more about the inspiration for their logo redesign on their blog!

The B. Anthony

The Susan B. burger at The Gatehouse

If you didn’t know already, the year 2020 marks the 200th birthday of Social Reformer and Women’s Rights Activist Susan B. Anthony. She was a long-time resident of our city, and you can visit her former home-turned museum near downtown as well as her oft-visited gravesite in Mt. Hope Cemetery. 

As a tip of our hats to the powerhouse she was, we celebrated with “The B. Anthony” burger from The Gatehouse in Village Gate Square. What is it, you ask? It’s a veggie burger with avocado, candied jalapeños, meatless hot sauce and hummus on ciabatta…oh and 100% Vegan!

How did YOU spend your February?

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Jason is co-founder of MetroPops with his wife, Stefanie. He travels extensively for Jetblue Airways, he is on the Board of the Washington Square Community Association, and he is committed to the long-term success of his hometown of Rochester, NY.

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