Tell me 'bout it...

Do you see a whale within a whale? Look closer: how about the Rochester skyline embedded in the lining of the entire system?

Detecting machine n.1 was produced by NEVERCREW, a Swiss-street artists-duo that includes Christian Rebecchi & Pablo Togni as part of Wall/Therapy 2015 and co-curated by Urban Nation Berlin.

FUN FACT: Originally the artists painted a shadow on the cement ground just beneath the mural which gave this whole expression a 3-Dimensional look. But what made it even more interesting was the sand and gravel that sat on the site to give it that much more interesting appeal and texture to this outdoor piece of art. Recent paving work on the parking lot has since taken away this "textured" effect and shadow.

Read more about the mural on NEVERCREW's website and Wall/Therapy.

Where to find it:

10 Capron St, Rochester, NY 14607, USA