Skip Your Rex Kwon Do Lessons and Come to #MWADV – 13 Reasons Why…

So you’ve found yourself in Rochester in between hunting wolverines in Alaska and training to be a cage fighter asking yourself, “…what is there to do on a Friday summer evening in July?”

Maybe you’re thinking “….hmm, I think I’ll just stay inside tonight…” – to which we respond, “Gosh, idiot*…(sigh…………………………………………………………………………………..) Absolutely Not!!!….You can stay in on any of the other remaining 364 days of the year, but not this Friday!”

*We mean ABSOLUTELY no disrespect calling anyone an IDIOT, and we certainly weren’t talking to YOU, it’s simply just a Napoleon reference. ; )

And to back up our response above, here’s 13 reasons why you need to come to Movies With a Downtown View:

1. FREE Movie – Outdoors – on a BIG Screen!!!

Yes, it’s FREE to enjoy MWADV! There’s no need to purchase a ticket, these events are sponsored by some of Rochester’s most AMAZING organizations to make the downtown movie experience in Rochester a FREE event for ALL! Organizations including Buckingham Properties, the City of Rochester, Excellus BlueCross BlueShield, ESL Federal Credit Union, Blue Apple Productions, JetBlue Airways, and many, many more!

The movie is outdoors so EVERYONE has a great seat and experience. Surrounded by the beautifully-lit-up buildings of downtown Rochester, MWADV is unlike any other movie experience in the area.

2. FREE Napoleon Dynamite – GOSH!!!

It just so happens to be the 15th Anniversary of this cult-classic gem. Watch the trailer here and come see it on the BIG Screen.

3. FREE Popcorn

The first 400 movie-goers will be treated to a FREE small bag of doc popcorn. For those wanting a larger helping, there will be larger-servings of appropriately-priced bags. Popcorn will start at 7pm!

4. FREE Water & MWADV Buttons

You ever have those friends, colleagues, family members, and organizations that just “get it”… That’s how we feel about Buckingham Properties.

They’ve been our Title Sponsor of the #MWADV for 6 years now, and we really feel that they just “get it” here in ROC…meaning they know how to have fun, they love the Rochester community as much as we do, and their creative personality shows not only in their properties, but really everything they do….

Case in point: check out their table dressing for tomorrow’s #MWADV showing of Napoleon Dynamite…make sure to stop by their table for a FREE water and #MWADV buttons!


Bike parking, car parking, and plenty of areas to park your caboose (you’ll want to bring a chair or creative seating as Parcel 5 is mostly gravel). Yes, it’s all FREE. If you don’t know already, there’s FREE parking all around Parcel 5 and the adjacent areas at the parking meters…. the meters are FREE after 6pm in the city, and unlike dogs, they can go hungry over the weekend.

For those of you who want to park in a secure garage, Buckingham Properties has provided that, too. Midtown Garage will be open and FREE to all Midtown Eats patrons and movie-goers on Friday. Find entrances on Clinton and E. Broad Street.

6. FREE Giveaways

What’s better than a FREE movie? How about a chance to win some amazing giveaways while you’re at the event? Make sure to sign up for the FREE raffles at the Washington Square Park Community Association table, we’ll be picking the winners throughout the night and before the movie starts.

7. …including ESL’s Kindness Crew!

Speaking of giveaways, ESL’s Kindness Crew will be on-hand again this year to hand out FREE crowd-pleasers for movie-goers…Thank You ESL Federal Credit Union for being a major sponsor of the #MWADV over the years!

8. The ROC Parkour Table!!!

Nicole and Charles, of Rochester Parkour, have been long-time supporters and friends of MWADV – they setup a table each year to spread the word on what they do to keep the Rochester community active and healthy. This year, they’ve got a special offer for all movie-goers: their Summer Camp season is kicking off next week for ages 6-15 and they have offered all MWADV goers 15% off now through Monday. Make sure to stop by their table to find out more information!

9. “Eat the food, Tina!”

We’re partnering with Midtown EATS this year for July’s movie so there will be plenty of food vendors if you are looking to purchase food or beverages at the experience. Their dinner hours usually end at 8:30, but they will be extending that to 9:30! Of course, you could just make yourself a darn KESA-DILLA and bring it along as a picnic.

10. It’s in Parcel 5

Parcel 5 is a downtown Rochester experience. It may not be the old Midtown experience of the mid-20th century, but many of us share a common goal for the near future: to make Parcel 5 a new downtown experience for the current generations and those to come.

It’s quickly becoming the community accepted realization of Rochester’s downtown center. This means that not only will you have plenty of space to move around, but also take in the sights and sounds of the experience all-night long. “Oh, look, the Liberty Pole over there all lit up…wow, look at those lights on Tower280 and The Metropolitan…ooooh, look at the old clock-tower at Sibley’s…”

Want to extend the evening even longer after the movie? Remember, there are great restaurants and bars around the Parcel 5 area that you’ll want to check out, including:

Bar Bantam: late night bar open until 12am
Java’s Cafe… looking for a coffee or late night tea? Java’s is open until 1am
Native Eatery and Bar: Happy hour (again!) from 10p-12am; Friday bar hours open until 1am with a late night menu until midnight
The Vesper: late night dining open until 12am; bar open ‘til…

11. Stay Caffeinated with Joe Bean!

Joe Bean Coffee Roasters will be breaking out their tent and mobile setup and joining us with Nitro Cold Brew coffee for sale as well as a small variety of other drinks! Perfect for a warm summer night.

12. ASL Interpreter and Captions

Sorry to disappoint, but there will be no Happy Hands Club at this event, but we are providing an ASL Interpreter! Our friend Isaiah of Isaiah Interpreting will be helping out with all announcements throughout the evening and the movie will be captioned in English subtitles.

13. Type High Letterpress Posters

Think we work this hard just to give everything away for FREE? Well, we pretty much do because, once again, our amazing sponsors that support the Rochester community want EVERYONE to have a great time and enjoy our city.

But since you’ve made it this far down the post, we’re thinking you’re pretty committed. With that said, we are taking $10 cash donations if you’d like to take home one of our unique MWADV posters made by Tony Zanni of Type High Letterpress (or $20 shipped). We have a VERY LIMITED number of these to sell. 100% of each sale will go to off-set the cost of producing the MWADV, and you better believe that every single dollar goes back into keeping these events FREE for the community for years to come.

Thank you in advance for supporting the event, and we certainly hope you enjoy the show!

Check out the Official MWADV site if you just haven’t gotten enough or the Facebook Event Page.

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