Sustainable Shopping in ROC

We humans are consumers, we buy food, clothing, furniture, toys, computers, and so much more. There are things we need, and things we just want! Overconsumption is on the rise, especially through the increased use of social media, with “10 weird gadgets you need from Amazon now”, videos or “3 things you need to buy today for your kitchen” posts. There are channels and accounts dedicated to showing you what you don’t have… but should (related video: Let’s Talk Haul Culture). Don’t forget – most of these accounts use affiliate links, these influencers may not be thinking about the environmental impact of what they are promoting.

Do we need any of it?

Impact Earth | © MetroPops

Each individual purchase may seem like a drop in the vast ocean, but our choices add up and have a rippling effect. Embracing sustainable shopping practices is a step towards a more conscious and compassionate world—one where every purchase becomes a vote for a better, more sustainable future.

In Rochester, we have a lot of great places to shop more mindfully. From low-waste/refill stores like Marilla’s Mindful Supplies, Impact Earth, and What’s Good, to the many thrift stores and second hand shops. Here are just a few…

Sustainable Stores & Secondhand Shops:

Upcoming Eco-Friendly Events:

Food & Farmers Markets:

Farmers Markets and grocery stores with a bulk section are another great way to shop sustainably. Bring your own reusable bags and containers to fill for a plastic-free shopping experience. 

Shopping for the Holidays, a special occasion, or birthday? Consider quality over quantity… will the person love the item and use it more than once? We LOVE dates and experiences, so we always appreciate gift cards to our favorite restaurants and things we can do together. If the person you’re shopping for is similar, consider making the gift a meal or experience WITH YOU. Cook for them or take them to their favorite place. Take a class together or go to a museum or movie. Make memories together. 

Drop a comment below and let us know what steps you take to shop and live more sustainably! ⤵️

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