Here's a quick list of Glossary Terms that you may see throughout our site and hear within the vegan/plant-based/sustainable community.
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What does it all mean?

When we entered the vegan/plant-based community we started to hear some fairly new terms we’ve either never heard of or paid much attention to in the past.

But much like learning any language we quickly found out that there are certain nuances and differences between seemingly similar words and phrases (e.g., vegan and plant-based) that we decided a quick reference would be helpful to anyone that is new to this space. This is also a working Glossary of terms that we use specifically for listings on MetroPops for categories, tags and elsewhere in order to give users a better searchable experience. MetroPops specific terms are denoted with an asterisk ” * “.  

100% VEGAN:  We use this tag is used to designate restaurants or businesses that are 100% vegan. This means the restaurant does not use or serve any animal products or the shop does not sell any items from the animal industry (leather, suede, wool, silk, etc). Check out VEGAN below for a definition.  

ANIMAL SANCTUARY: or sometimes referred to as farm sanctuary, is a facility or farm where animals are brought to live and be protected. 

CARING FOR ANIMAL WELFARE: We use this tag to designate businesses that support the welfare of animals whether though donations or something similar. 

COMPOSTING: Composting is the process of turning food waste into nutrient-rich soil. It’s like recycling but for organic materials. Businesses tagged Composting participate in composting services or have takeout containers that are compostable.

FLEXITARIAN: sometimes referred to as a semi-vegetarian. This person often focuses on the consumption of plant-based foods, but still has dairy, eggs, or meat.

PLANT-BASED: a diet that is plant-based focuses largely or solely on vegetables, fruit, grains, beans, nuts, seeds, and other foods derived from plants. 

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VEGAN: a person who abstains from eating any animal product, including meat, fish, eggs, cheese, and honey, but also from purchasing products made from animal by-products, such as leather, suede, wool, silk, etc. 

VEGAN OPTIONS: this business sells items with vegan options or items that can easily be made vegan. 

VEGETARIAN: refers to a person who abstains from eating meat, but still may eat dairy products. 


WHOLE FOODS PLANT BASED: this diet is similar to Plant-Based but focuses on whole, unprocessed plant foods. Cooking is done oil free and a person who is WFPB would not eat something like a “Beyond Burger”.

For a more exhaustive list, check out The Ultimate Glossary of Vegan Terms, Lingo, and Vocabulary by I Am Going Vegan website owner, Tyler McFarland. We don’t know Tyler personally, but he offers so many great tips and bits of information on his site in a way that is, in his own words, “non-dogmatic, non-judgmental, practical” while being positive and helpful. 

That’s enough for us to keep us interested. 


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